If you want to reach out to us here at the HackerCon Calendar project, email is often the best method of communication.

calendar@hackercons.org is our primary email address, and this will forward through to each of our admins. If you are writing specifically about an event you'd like to see on one of the calendars, be sure to follow the proper syntax specified on the Entries page.

Hopefully, we'll get our act together and update the @HackerCons feed on Twitter and someone will post things there on occasion.

deviant@deviating.net get you to the fellow who pushed hardest to see this project lift off the launch pad (although he was far from the most instrumental in making that happen) and tends to be the point-of-contact for folk wishing to volunteer to make new edits, etc.

If you can't reach us or somehow find this project to be worthless or a failure, it's because the world is an imperfect place plus we all travel a lot and also have social lives and families of our own. Don't like the site? Don't use it.

Heh, just don't complain when you annouce a date for your event and hundreds of angry hackers email and tweet at you saying something like "KanchoCon has had that weekend announced for MONTHS already, assface!"

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