So, you have an event that you would like entered into the calendar? No problem! Just shoot us an email and be certain to fill in the following details...


Dates (of the con itself, the talks)

Announced (when we are getting this email)


Attendee Cost: $ XXX (in USD or EUR or whatever is most relevant)
Registration Info: (Online? At Door? Other? Open When?)

Trainings? (mention these dates separately)
Training Cost: $ XXX (in USD or EUR or whatever is most relevant)

Con Venue:
123 Spendy Street
Anytown, AnyState

Con Hotel:
123 Sensible Street
Anytown, Anystate

Other Notes
(Road trips to and from, Group flights, major news, camping and crazy shit, restrictions)


That's all the preliminary info we need. So just send us a plain-text email with the subject line "Y U NO include [Your Event Name] in Calendar?!?" and then simply cut and paste the above block of text into your email.

Be certain to fill in all fields with relevant data. We undestand if there is no specific Con Hotel or if you have a rolling CFP. Still, know that emails that which are massively lacking details or which do not follow the above format will quite likely be rejected.


Once your email is received we will endeavor to input your event on the relevant calendar. Then you can be all like, "Fuck Yeah. We're officially on the HackerCon Calendar" and anyone else who is planning an event at the same time will be all like, "Cock. We have to try really hard to choose different dates."

You are free to suggest to us which of the five categories is most appropriate for your event, but know that the community ultimately has final say. You may think you're a black-shirt, blue-hair hacker con but if people tell us that most folk there are in suits or that more than 50% of your space was given over to vendor expo floor, you might be in a different calendar than you'd predict.


If you have to change the details of your entry for some reason, simply send us a plain-text email with the subject "CHANGE" so we know this is something being modified. We'll do our best to get on it as quickly as possible.

Changes to details like CFP or price are relatively minor and will likely just be input and left alone. Changes to major details like the hotel or the venue are something we might be convinced to tweet for you, if you ask us nicely.


However, if you are planning on changing the DATES of your con, that is another story. On such an occasion, send us a plain-text email with the subject "DATE CHANGE" and let us know what is different. Are you moving dates entirely? Are you adding or removing a day of talks? Are trainings shifting around?

We will allow one date change without any hassle (provided you are not stomping on another similar event that is already on the calendar). If you make a second date change, we will likely openly snicker at you and heckle a bit on our Twitter account.

If you attempt to make a THIRD and WHOLLY DISTINCT date change (not just clarifying incorrect details, but totally shifting to a different spot on the calendar) we will take this as a sign that you don't know what on earth you're doing and we may just remove your event from the calendar. On such an occasion, you would be free to re-submit again in 36 hours.


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